Used to

January 1st, 2019

I wake up in warmth and safety. Feeling so cozy, unbelievably comfortable. The smell of burning wood, crinkling sounds of the fire. I open my eyes and see a beautiful christmas tree. All the angels and stars and lights, wrapped in silver and gold paper chains. The streetlights and the fog outside illuminating the air, making it visible. Bright, puffy pillows of snow laying on the ground. I hear bells and a horse pulling sledge. Joyful voices of people preparing for the upcoming Christmas days.
Suddenly, white smoke and foam gushes in through the chimney putting the fire out instantly. I hear someone moving on the roof. I look up and ask with raised voice "Who's there?!"
"Ummm... Artie?" I hear back. "It's me Santa Kena! Ummm... Ho, ho, ho madafaka!" The voice surely belongs to the owner, so I smile to myself and yell up.
"Kenaaa! Come down before you slip and fall! And why you've extinguished my fireplace?"
"Artie listen to me!" Santa Kena yells back. "I want to practice before tomorrow so I picked your house 'cause you won't be mad if something goes wrong!"
Then I hear second voice mumbling and giggling. Santa Kena adds after a little while "Oh yeah Artie. Jade is with me... ow! I mean Chuck da Snow..." Kena's voice turns into the whisper "Wait why you are da Snowman, you should be da Helper."
"Kena it's not even my house! I don't know why I'm here." I interrupt the mumbling.
Then I hear Ja... I mean Chuck da Snowman. "Artie! Yo! Listen! We gon blast yo chimney, aight? Kena's just setting up her Chicken Gun into blast mode! She can't go down the chimney to git chu da presents 'cause it's nasty here and it stinks AF"
I get up from comfortable sofa and scream "N-no wa-wa-wait! What do you mean by blasting?!" But the only thing I hear is Kena "Fire in da hole!" and then green light of so called blast coming down the chimney to turn everything around the fireplace into ash.
"Here come da presents!" Kena's voice again along with bunch of nicely wrapped boxes piled up at the chimney vent. "Marry Christmas!!" She adds, yelling. "Next time I put the blaster on 8" She adds, mumbling.
I walk up to the presents and take one of them boxes to start unwrapping it. Another yell interrupts my action "DON'T OPEN IT MADAFAKA! Only on Christmas day!"
"Okay Jade." I wave to the chimney vent. "Thank you!"
"Chu welcome!" I hear back.

I wake up hearing the sound of cold steel yawning throughout the space station corridor. I open my eyes seeing the Earth from the same distance as over year ago.
Hold up, let me rewind a bit. For years large pieces of rocks and space junk was randomly passing the space station I'm in, but there are 2 times a year when really huge rocks were hitting and damaging me. It was the worst times of the year. I say "it was" because this time it passed me. Of course I saw it coming and I was kind of aware of the fact, but... they just passed.
I even had Christmas tree this year on the space station (technically last year). It did feel better. These things hit some thoughts in my head. Maybe there is a chance... for me to go back to Earth. Maybe I can do it. I mean I could. I would like to. I want to.
I see so many people seeking attention on the internet. Screaming to the void that they are depressed, nothing makes them happy and they just want to die.
I want to live. I have million ideas in mind I would like to do in life. Visit this, see that, write this, play that, meet someone, talk, show, make, create, accomplish, feel. I want to live because life is amazing!

My goodness it sounds so tacky.

So I've decided to listen to all the doctors. I've decided to apply the harshest of treatments. It won't be easy to entirely change my lifestyle, because it will require me to completely walk away from life I'm used to. First months will be the worst. All those chemical changes affecting my physical and mental wellbeing. I'm expecting my brain to scream in pain to go back to what it used to be. You know what happens if you don't listen to your brain? It gives you no dopamine. No sugar rush for me.
The first months will also show if the treatment actually does anything good to me. My goodness I can't wait to be March and I imagine those printed numbers go down like mad. I can't even imagine how it would feel to hear "Hey look, it's gone, you are healthy!".
Now it's just part of my life till death do us part.

Today is the first day of 2019, and the last day of... I don't even know.

What's with the little Christmas Story at the beginning you ask? Just a funny story that never happened, and never will.
I ask myself if I like someone for who this person is or I like someone for who this person is able to be. Could be, but is not. Or I see someone in someone that someone used to be, and it was so awesome, but now this someone is someone else.

It's okay, I'm fully aware that everything changes.

I will not stop with cool, fake stories though. As the matter of fact the world needs more of those awesome, fake stories.


You're gonna "love" this...

October 1st, 2017

So… I got shot… They put me into the capsule and shot me into space. Can you imagine how it feels the moment when you realize that no one really wants you on planet Earth? I don’t have to imagine, I know it. Now I’m flying through empty corridors of a space station I was sent on. Kena says it's in Google even though I said it’s not. Well, she is right. I guess the oldest member of Vampires Guild can’t be put up with BS. So… Here I am, like a monkey shot in space living on a space station, watching citizens of the world throwing their shit around.
I kinda feel like Winston from Overwatch. I like to play as Winston, but the thing is he is kinda like me, but I’m not kinda like him. If you look into the lore, Winston at first can be taken as the leader of Overwatch, but he is not. He just wanted to gather most talented loners to just group up against morons. You could say he is an idiot, falsely accused, but still trying to show people that Overwatch is something good.

I float in space seeing Earth from a distance. I can feel huge meteors, rocks and space junk going around me. They scratch the station sometimes. They make me be scared All The Time. Noiseless yet I hear them. They are like rocky fears surrounding me constantly threatening to kill me at will.
Thankfully there are windows on this space station. I look through them watching planet Earth spinning. I have lots of computers here to play games, because that’s what I do. I see all those artificial lights everytime the sun goes blind. I see green pastures of the land that can be my home only in my dreams. I see storms, lightnings hitting the ground all over. Back on Earth I used to wait for spring or late summer to witness and feel the power of thunders. Now I see only small flashes.

People like to call terrible things by its name, but my rocky fears will remain nameless forever.

I see people living in peace on islands and coasts and they have no idea about a little eye that is forming in the middle of the ocean, and growing, and growing, and growing. What the name will be now? Katherina, Jose, Travis? No, this time it’s Irma. I find it quite funny, because Irma is that girl from Ninja Turtles, and now she is growing and spinning right into the sunny, but humid lands of Florida and surroundings. People walk out of their houses to watch it go, then they start to pack and run. I see two females driving fast in a small car, pushing others on sides, speeding up and then the woman runs in front of the line to kick the door out of toilet.

It ain’t over yet.

I notice tiny capsule being shot out in space, going my way. Something for me? Someone? But then I check the navigation screen and see that the capsule will pass my station. No it won’t! I wear my space suit and jetpack… I know it sounds cool, but it’s not so cool to fly in space where every little tiny thing can painfully kill you. I’m going outside anyway. The capsule is moving really fast, but It's small enough to catch it. It doesn’t stop though. Funny… I used to lift cars now I cannot stop a tiny capsule. I see Irma in her glory attacking Florida while I’m pushing back the capsule to slow it down. I reach the window wondering why they threw something right before the hurricane hits the coast, and I see… a cat. I know this cat.
“Dante?” I ask although neither he understands me nor he can hear me. I punch the intercom.
“Dante! Where you going?” I ask again, but this time he can hear and understand me letting weak “Mekow” out of his body.
“Dante! Talk to me! Why is you here? Where you going? What happened!” I scream to him still trying to slow down the capsule.
I see Dante the Cat moving his paw over a mushroom-like button.
“What are you doing Dante? What is it?”
“Tell Jade… That she was my guardian angel and I could not wish for better person to take care of me.” He punches the button and the capsule rips out of my hands to become a small dot in the vast darkness of the universe.
“Dante!” I don’t know why I scream. He is not coming back. I look after him more than anyone. People on Earth, even Jade cannot see him long ago, but I still am. Until he is gone for good.
I go back to the station and cry. I’m an idiot, it was not even my cat.

Irma calms down. People go back to their homes to see the aftermath. I see only one, big junkyard.
I think I’m gonna go back to play as Junkrat in Overwatch, I heard he’s been buffed.

One month passes…

I’m happy. I’ve got permission to spend two whole weeks on Earth, in my favorite place on Earth, which I dare to call home! I’m so happy, full of hope. Maybe I will finally see Josie! I will watch C-class movies and walk! I will walk again! I am so, so happy. Even thought the rocks and spacejunk around me is more and more, and I’m scared of it more and more, day and night, I’m still happy to go to my own home.
I cannot sleep at night. It hurts bad. I get up and sit on my bed. I turn on the light and see a river of blood flowing down the corridor. I look around to see where the blood is coming from and I notice it’s coming out of me. “Great...” I say to myself, but then I cannot say no more, hit by unimaginable cramp. I cannot catch my breath, there is no way to stop this pain and the river of blood won’t stop its flow. I pass out from pain at dawn.
The doctor said I can still be fine and live whole 10 more years under one condition. I must get out of space station. I don’t know... he wants me to open the door and go out? Besides I didn’t put myself here, THEY did. Of course I’m free and I can go back, sure, but how am I going to pass all those rocks and space junk without being smashed on the way. I have not enough oxygen and no resources to survive, but yes, yes I am free to go.
Next day I get a message that I have not enough resources to go to my land, my home, maybe next year. I cry all day, cleaning the floor. I am rotting here, literally.
“I am free to go, yes, straight into the meteor to kill me or push me out to space to be locked forever. No complaints. I also have people who care so much about me, yes, they care about me through the computer screen, and one of them don’t even want to talk to me after 6 years of trust! She feels better with strangers anyway.” I walk back and forth saying all that and more.
“Who you talking to?” Gentle voice interrupts me. I see Josie. She is not real, more ethereal, transparent, built of my memories.
“Who do you think I’m talking with. With The Only One that still cares.” I answer.
“You got that right. In space you are closer to God than anyone.” She smiles.
“Nah, I’m closer, because I’m all alone.”

Now tell me… if 90% of what you’ve just read is true, am I lying?


5 Months Recap

August 2nd, 2017

Time flies... it really does.

It really feels like I wrote the previous post a week ago and it's been 5 months. There is something about the number FIVE around here. The V. So much happened. Good and bad. When I'm trying to gather it all around, in my head, and put it in some order then new things, I remind myself about, burst out from arranged thoughts.

Let's start from what I wrote in the previous post.
As I wrote so it happened. So I signed V-Empire Channel to a PR service. Actually TWO PR services, which resulted in communication between moi and developers willing to send a key to games they work on so V-Empire can give feedback, show the gameplay, review etc. It actually goes great so far. I’ve shown some great games, small and pretty vast, simple and complicated, cheap and quite expensive.
I recommend Rain World which is unique platformer-survival. I also recommend to check STEAM HAMMER and the newest and most adorable strategy ever – Kingdoms and Castles.
I tried to drag Weekly Gaming Traffic as it was. Bella (aka OscuraBella aka Jade) even made awesome graphics, which I animated making even more awesome wrap up to the entire “show”, but I broke. The production of WGT was taking me too long and was sucking out all the energy for the rest of each week. I dropped it, I couldn’t keep it up…
Meanwhile I bought myself Conan Exiles and Gwen fell into shopping addiction. Her madness was contagious enough to make me go broke and buy couple new things to my PC like infamous GeForce GTX1080 and new CPU. I wish I could say that now I can easily play and record in 1080p60fps, but the gaming reality is so bad. Developers don’t optimize no more and such Conan still runs 45fps on max details… Nonetheless! Rendering times dropped from 6 hours to 1-2 hours so that’s good news!
Then I bought myself Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III and stuff got real. I started to release videos every single day AND I started to like it. I was recording, editing and uploading everyday… Almost everyday because my internet speed was limiting me. 40 minutes long video was uploading for even 20 hours! So.. I’ve changed connection technology and it speeded up from 12-20 hours to 20-40 minutes.
So I was releasing Warhammer 40k: DoW III videos, ACS videos and other games dropping into v-empire mailbox.
Then we’ve decided to make a second YouTube Channel for streaming!
All was good until something broke in me, which I cannot repair, but that, dear readers, shall stay within the corners of my privacy. Maybe I will be talking about it behind twisted, enigmatic metaphors here and there, but…

ANYWAY Why I wrote all this? Because all the above connects with the future!
Videos on the V-Empire main channel are not published everyday, but every other day unless Artie, which is moi has something to deal with in life and then it gets little slower.
Gwen ended up buying RYZEN which allows her to stream in 1080p60fps! And so she does unless she is dying, tired of her ambitious university choices.
Thanks to my new, faster internet speed and Elgato card I can stream too! I do it less often, but I plan to do it regularly.
Even though V-Empire channel is buried somewhere deep on YouTube, far from dashboards and “no. X trends” we try our best to show and play some cool games. At least I do.

What about the future? I will keep it simple.
I plan to stream regularly on fridays, unless Gwen wants. We are different than other channels, we are more calm, silenced, focused, but it doesn’t mean we don’t chat with people if they actually have something to say and we are more than glad to answer questions.
The main channel is actually stuck with videos, making me not know what to publish first.
There is lots of big and small innovations and other things coming in, which are connected with all that what happened for the last 5 months, but let's not make this post any longer than it is.

TL;DR We improved our gear, publish videos almost everyday, started to stream on the second V-Empire channel, all that in 1080p60fps max details.

P. S. And if you say 4k then I say everyone wants, but not many have it so…

See you next week and I mean it this time, because someone will be going to GAMESCOM… and more!


Real Life Games

February 27th, 2017

Let me tell you a true story from our gaming life.
By "our" I mean Gwen, Bella, Josie and myself.

After Age of Wulin we went to ArcheAge. We were still dragging tail of the guild behind so... I made Vampires Guild there, but then I stepped back. I think I was tired of leading the guild in another game, but this story is for another time.

ArcheAge has very good system of free pay to play. You can buy anything from cash shop for gold by... buying cash shop credits for in-game gold in the cash shop. Brilliant idea.
I focused on leveling at first, but Gwen was the first one to buy "Patron" status which allows to have a farm and house and all that stuff.
She built a small house and a small farm. She was happy with it and there was no place to build anything else or bigger because too many people on the server.
Then I bought patron for in-game gold. I scrapped some space near Gwen's small farm, then Bella did the same.
I was watching closely people around our 3 farms and the small house. If they pay taxes or if they want to sell their pieces of lands. One day someone destroyed his farm to build something bigger but with that the person made a narrow patch of land free, so I destroyed my farm and moved it a little to take the patch over. Then another person did the same so I told Bella to move her farm. Then Gwen destroyed her house to build larger farm on its place.
Then I bought a small house from someone, for all the gold I had. I earned money on farming (literally) and then broke myself buying another house. Then someone quit the game. Someone left small patch by reconstructing. Someone changed place.... Each and everytime I was destroying what I had or I was forcing Gwen or Bella to destroy their farms to re-arrange them to take over more and more land. Each time it was all over again like starting from scratch, having nothing, but having so much at the same time. Everytime I was going broke to buy more to get more land.

How we ended is not the point. The point is how we were getting it. It was just a game, but the point is, my life is exactly the same now.
This is why I stopped posting on the website, this is why I never finished sections, because there is always something new to get and I have to "go broke" for that new thing to get more.

It's 5am right now and I have tons of things to do and the funny thing is I can easily to compare it with farms in ArcheAge.
I have 4 huge productions to edit, 1 series to make, to record a gameplay and finish Weekly Gaming Traffic episode which has been published too late this week, because Bella is finishing the graphics to it. In effect of that nothing is released. It's just one huge contruction site and I have time for nothing.
At the same time I feel happy. I know what to do in life and I do what I enjoy doing. Even when the graphics for WGT is done and I will manage to record and edit couple episodes of Conan series and record couple quick videos presenting new games I will have new things to do like original soundtrack for WGT or Space Engineers Challenges series... The worst thing in that is that I'm so busy in preparing that there is no actual product done. I constantly improve things and I can't stop.

Do you want to know how we ended up in ArcheAge?
We ended up having huge mansion, 2 farm houses, 7 large farms, 2 medium farms, 4 ships, 3 boats, 3 transporting vehicles and tons of other stuff like pretty much every single costume from cash shop, which you can see in our (actually Gwen's and Josie's) fashion videos.

Also I've gone very ambitious when it comes to YouTube content, but I will whine about it next week.

Yes, next week...


I'm not yours...

October 25th, 2016

There is so much troubles and problems all over the world. Fear knocks to doors of our hearts everyday.
It's everything. From physical pain to mental confusion. Lack of energy, life decisions or just a headache. It hits over and over.

My problem is... Identity. I used to have no place I could call home. Now I have a place to call home, but I'm not there.
Majority of people have no problems like this. Majority of the majority only think that it's their problem, but when real troubles appear they run to safe and comfy home to parents.

For the last months I was preparing myself to be able to go, to not get lost, to find the road I planned for myself. I was flying with bunch of rednecks, I was sitting on the floor in a train listening to political debates, I was seeing things I wanted to see for the last 8+ years. I was doing things I've always wanted to do and no matter how much I was prepared for it, when troubles occured, I was still confused.
Finally I've seen things I didn't plan to see, I felt things I was not even dreaming about. I've found out about new things in me like that I'm not tired of life at all, quite opposite.

Be grateful if you were born in a crappy place and go find yourself a better home. If you were born in a golden palace you would not appreciate what's uncovered.
If you were born in a golden palace and you want life to be your own regardless... That's good.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well... de-evolution of human kind has started long time ago.

What's new in V-Empire. Gwen left for now. She has some stuff to do for next couple months. I don't know when and if she will be back. Josie and myself get to write posts on Google+ now.
We don't plan to stream in the near future.
I started a regular "show" on YouTube called "Weekly Gaming Traffic" where I inform viewers about newest full releases of the past week.
Because of my recent absence next episode will be called "Monthly Gaming Traffic" obviously covering last month's full releases of more interesting games.

I'm searching for ways of making as original content as possible or making something informative/helpful and keep it in a form of single-producer aka home-video style. Weekly Gaming Traffic is one of those "ways". If it catches some attention then I will be more than happy to keep doing it regulary. If not then... I will still do it, maybe simplifying it a bit.

And yes, yes I will do my best to keep posting here regulary too.

Oh guess what! Bella is flying to CL concert soon! She is going to post about it for sure!

Thanks for reading, stay safe, have a good week everyone!



August 19th, 2016

Monday 15th of August. I sit to the computer.

I have to publish a video today, it's been over a week.

I check the list of games to publish, which needs to be edited.

One, two, three and... four games. I just need to record commentary and it will be published today!

I turn on the mic and mixer. I start the gameplay video.
aosdjasoidjaosdjia beeeeeep jaosidjaosidjsaoidjs beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

What the...

I plug out the microphone and I plug in the old, cheap one. Strange noises and beeps are gone. I plug the "expensive" microphone back in to the sound card.
asdjaodijasodiasjdosaij beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
I'm checking, googling, trying all day. I find two solutions. Either new microphone or console for this one. I do research for the rest of the day and half of the night.
Tuesday morning I have an idea. I will get the studio microphone first. If something's wrong with it, I will return it and get the console (which is more expensive).
I order studio microphone tuesday morning. I pick free shipping and 1-2 days delivery over 2 euro shipping costs and 24 hours delivery.

Two days of delay is okay, I will publish videos on wednesday and thursday and catch up.

After few hours they send me e-mail that microphone was packed and sent to me the same day. The courier has 600km (400 miles) to make to get me my microphone.
Wednesday morning I get e-mail from shipping company that I will get the package on thursday.
I think to myself:

Okay... it said 1-2 days. Even though they had package on tuesday. Tuesday should count as 1 day, because it was morning, but okay. I will be recording commentaries all day and I will publish 2 videos by the end of the week anyway.

Thursday 9:00am I get e-mail that I will get my package today for sure! I wait all day and nothing. I wait until 10pm and then I check my package status. Apparently lazy-ass courier had to go home to mommy or wife (or both) for dinner at 6pm and he didn't get to deliver my package, leaving it at warehouse at 5:47pm.

Oh boohoo he works so hard. Asshole.

So now... It's friday 2pm (14:00) I checked my package status. It was taken by courier at 8:42am to deliver.
It's almost 3pm (15:00) and... nothing. I have no microphone. I have couple of thoughts running through my head.
Wanna know? No? Whatever I'll tell anyway.

I hate this f!@#ing place and its half-ass working citizens who only think about how to earn without any effort. I can't wait to get back home, I hate this third world place so much!
I should have paid that 2 euro and I would have the package 2 days ago, I'm stupid.

And let it be lesson for you!


Nach Berlin!

August 12th, 2016

I will be honest with all of you who read it. I hit the bottom...
Ugh another drama story, I thought he is done with that.
Yes I hit the bottom with GTA V. The game runs smooth in high and very high details with 55-60fps on the counter, but when I try to record the gameplay it drops to 10-12fps. Nothing was helping, I was in despair!

Obviously I didn't need no gear to upgrade, but a capture card. My choice was Elgato HD60 PRO, which is internal card. No lag, no performance suckage (made that word up), no unbalanced colors and 60MBits of quality.
There was a problem though. I couldn't find it in local stores, in local online stores, even in national online stores. Ordering overseas or even from the producer was too expensive 'cause of shipping costs. Long story short, I checked where the company has its HQ and... went to that country, which is Germany. I didn't go to Munich though, because Berlin seemed to be more accurate with its 34 stores selling Elgato HD60 Pro. And...
I've got it! The card is awesomicious! It's so good I've decided to build a special recording streaming rendering rig for it. It will let me stream and record at the same time without any lag!
Cool story bro!

Cool story brings us to not so cool news. With the new, flawless capture card and minor changes in the gear, I've recorded a lot of footage. Starting from the trip to Berlin to get the card itself, ending on our superseries in GTA Online which will be different than any other GTA video you've ever seen!
The thing is, now I have to edit it all, and the week is over and I have nothing to publish... I will do my best to release the minimum of 2 videos this week, or at least one.

All the plans for the nearest future are actual. Kitchen Challenge, review of "piece of gear", which is obviously Elgato Card. GTA series and couple steam game giveaways coming soon.

Have a good week and remember,
if you drive don't drink, and if you drink don't drive.


If You Want To Say Something...

August 1st, 2016

What is going on with people these days... Anonymous haters is one thing, but people who turn their heads away criticizing?
For all my life I've had a lot of haters. Especially in times of our lovely (Rest In Peace) Vampires Guild. People used to have guts to walk up to me and say how much they hate me. People used to write essays on world chats explaining why they hate me. Those people, even the lamest ones, always started their rant/vent with "Artie you are" or "Do you know why everyone hate YOU?!"

Now I notice, especially on YouTube, that people are utter cowards. They tend to comment videos starting with "This guy..." pointing the video creator of course. Everytime someone has something negative to say about a video or creator of that video they start with "This guy". Even under videos made by girls "This dude is..."
Really? No courage to say "Hey (channel name/creator name) I don't like your video and you are a bad player!" It's the Internet! Aw, don't be scared!
Next time you watch videos on YT check comments and you will see the difference between legit hater and utter coward. Legit hater says "YOU are stupid!". Coward says "This guy is stupid". Both having the video creator on mind.


What's new this (last) week? Not much.
Gwen prepared a new portion of bouncy girls brawling and stripping in Senran Kagura: SV - Round 4!
Bella made another drawing and I had to turn it into speed drawing video for 2 reasons. First, it's the last member of BlackPink group, on the list to draw by Bella. Second it's one of the best (so far) of Bella's drawings.
Check the Speed Drawing of Jisoo and see for yourself. Really nice. Last and least for this week is my little preview of all the features that game called Crush Online has to offer.
I keep it short and sweet except when I show all the skills descriptions (which you can skip if you want to).


Plans for the future are actually quite good I must say.
If all goes well I will release Review of... piece of gear, for the first time!
We got this "Kitchen Challenge" in plans where Bella shows stuff in her fridge and I make edible food of it. We keep postponing this project though.
Soon I plan to start series of challenges in a... certain game, if I fail to complete a challenge I will have to giveaway a copy of the game to someone.

That's that.

Have a good week. Don't do anything stupid and if you do, remember safety first.

And if you want to say something... don't be a coward.


Three Months old Recap Run

July 24th, 2016

I'm still here and I can only imagine how much and how many people I piss off with simple "I'm still here"

My chances of dying are much higher than chances of average citizen of the planet Earth. Yet I'm still alive and I keep walking. I wish I could run though, but burdens of past years made me unable to run.
I've always enjoyed running. Never been into marathons, more rush runs. It amazes me how everything in human body stretches and goes beyond limits, setting new ones. Not only muscles and breathing, but the one's will as well.

I miss running. I'm trying to get back there, but it's not so easy to make those two machines (legs) to go full throttle, burning carbs and fat into pure energy.
A lot has been devastated in my body, but most of all my will has been severely broken. Severely yet not entirely.
It is not nice to hear in news about a person or people killing innocent. It's horrible to witness a person or people attacking innocent. It's the worst to be innocent being attacked by a person or people.
What innocent person is thinking then? How innocent person feels looking at those who came only to destroy? Unbelievable, isn't it? I could tell you what innocent think and how they feel, but... I don't want to think about it.
I have never ran away, but I miss running. I wish I could run again.


According to Josie's post from couple days ago, I should be writing short blogs and then recap of the last week. I will make an exception today and recap last 3 months, since the last post I wrote is from April.

For the last 3 months we were releasing lots of content on V-Empire YouTube Channel and Bella has been working on streaming her art making and of course posting it on social media, which you can check by clicking at Bella's World of Art picture.

We are continuing to release parts of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate series.
It is long our longest series, but I can assure you it's very enjoyable to watch. The gameplay is very condensed, Gwen was playing the game as smooth and as fast as possible. Places where she let herself to run around searching for some loot in chests has been edited out. It is 100% action guarantee.

Then we have Overwatch Skills Preview, where we focused on showing all the skills of every playable character in the game. It can come in handy for interested ones and it is not our last word in the world of Overwatch.

Riders of Icarus happened to be a bomb on V-Empire Channel.
Gwen and I got access to Closed Beta Tests and we wanted to show people how each class in the game performs its skills, before the game was released. So we did.

For anime boobs lovers Gwen started gameplay series of Senran Kagura: SV. The game where all the attention was put into bouncy physics of girls chests and bottoms. Just like in case of ACS series we present only "action" parts of the game in which you can enjoy watching girls brawl and ripping each others clothes off.

Since the summer break start Bella released numerous of drawings. The best of them we turned into speed drawing videos.
I would like to highlight yummy Pin Up Lover Girls which presents Gwen and Josie, and they look yummy.

Finally, Gwen and I spent a lot of time on ArcheAge Outfits video, which is our biggest production of the month so far.
Sadly ArcheAge is not so popular anymore. Shame, it is still one of the best sandbox MMO with definitely the best designed outfits.


Next week, among other videos to be released, we plan to release something from my and Bella's kitchen (literally) and if not, then we will start our special GTA Online series. You think you've seen everything in GTA Online? Well think again, because in our series Chloe from "Life is Strange" is coming to town.

That's all.

Stay safe, protect your loved ones and believe in unbelievable.


Start Your Engines!

July 22th, 2016


I have some news. We will slowly, but surely activate the website this week. Not only we will make it active, but we will be updating it regulary.

Artie and I were thinking a lot about what to do to make this website useful and alive again. We've been putting 80% of our attention into V-Empire YouTube channel, releasing 2-3 or even 4 videos weekly.
After few months our effectiveness of making videos is smooth enough to start thinking about expanding to other "things". So the website comes next and here is what we plan.

We came up with an idea of new posting system. Artie (or me) will be writing one ReCap post every week and it will be divided into 3 parts.

Blog part - thoughts about the past week
Content News part - which will be about the content we released (with direct links so you don't have to wander around looking stuff in our social media)
Sneak Peak of future content - where we will talk about what you can expect next week (in a teaser form)

But it's not all! Bella, who is total expert in KPOP world, will be posting news from.... you guessed it! KPOP world, every week!
If you want to be briefed about what happened for the last week in... KPOP world! You don't have to look through millions of places. You will find it here in short and sweet form.

Not over yet! We also plan to write one post a week about random stuff. Something that caught our eye in the last 7 days. It will not be mainstream and obvious things.

And finally! We noticed that lots of people peek from time to time at our Twitter without following it or commenting. All five of us V-Empires (Artie, Gwen, Bella and Josie) agreed to tweet about something from our personal life, one of us at least once a week.

So these are our plans! Like I said we will start slowly but surely. You can expect ReCap post AND KPOP News Post this sunday.


The third First Post

April 29th, 2016

Sometimes we get this feeling that nothing is happening at the moment. Sometimes the feeling lasts longer than just a moment. Just because one is not seeing something it doesn't mean it's not happening.
An Era has ended. I would say THE Era but I have no name for it. I got message from Bella, couple days ago, "PRINCE IS DEAD, PRINCE DIED!" Great artist, legend. Gone. He will not make music ever again, at least not here.
Not for us.
A thought dropped into my head. With his death an era ends. Era of what? I cannot tell, not sure.

Empire - (noun) a powerful and important enterprise or holding of large scope that is controlled by a single person, family, or group of associates.

Another era has come to an end, but only for me, Gwen, Bella and Josie. The end of Vampires Guild. We have dropped the "career" of leaders of a guild in MMO games over 2 years ago, yet we kept the name of our guild trying to turn it into a brand. People were still confused asking us when we come to this and this game and make a guild there. As much as we remember the times of Vampires Guild supermacy in many games, we want to move on, evolve. By that I don't only mean to make videos on YouTube and stream. Our sight is far more than that and it's spread for years.
I will give you an example. In the future, we consider investing in game development. Just an example, and there is more of that.

Empire (adjective) the style that prevailed during the first French Empire, in clothing being characterized especially by décolletage and a high waistline, coming just below the bust, from which the skirt hangs straight and loose.

The main reason of all that change, of starting new, but not from scratch, using all the knowledge and skills we've gained in the past, is that we want to craft something on our own. More than just business. It doesn't really matter if we succeed or fail. What really matters is that we will try and not stand at one point for the rest of our life.
Even though we started V-Empire now, it doesn't mean we are on the clear path. We have some unfinished things that drag behind us, which we have to deal with.
Hopefully it will all fall behind and we will be able to run without burdens from the past.

Empire (adjective) - noting or pertaining to the style of architecture, furnishings, and decoration prevailing in France and imitated to a greater or lesser extent in various other countries. Characterized by the use of delicate but elaborate ornamentation imitated from Greek and Roman examples or containing classical allusions (...)

I hope you like the new website, which is slightly modified code of the VG one, which I made from scratch.
This one is more colorful, no wall but stained glass. Some elements stayed, some changed and will change.
We decided to leave shoutbox in case you would want to drop us a message or ask about something. We have wiped all the accounts from the past, IP bans remain.
Also a quick look if we are streaming at the moment should be useful, and I DARE YOU to check Bella's World of Art Page! She made this beautiful art on the background.
Of course the website is definitely not in its final state. We will be adding new elements with time and, of course, unlock the locked ones in the menu.

That's it for now. You guys stay safe, believe in unbelievable and...

Welcome to V-Empire!