Total Overkill!

September 15th, 2015

Behold The New Wall!
Yes, I know it took us 15 days more than planned, but... Behold!
The New Wall is called "We Do Exist".

The original plan was to release all the content from the previous place our website was on. We changed the plan. We changed it a lot, multiple times.
Plus, a lot of new things happened in Vampires Guild. There is so much to cover!

Before I get to all the changes and new features allow me to have my arrogant ramble-rant about the work we put making this, very special, version of The Wall.
(If you don't want to read it just skip to "What's new?" section.)

First of all, ENTIRE code is completely totally written by us from scratch. Why I say by us? Because this time Gwen joined me in making of big chunks of the code and graphic.
I can proudly say that the Vampires Guild website is completely, fully made by us from scratch. Each line of the code was typed in by our hands. Fingertips to be precise. Each graphic element started from blank "new" image file.
We used absolutely NOTHING of the available fancy easy/point/click/drag/5minutes/template web-making software/services.
We ONLY used simple, but awesome notepad++ and Gimpshop. That's all.
Rest of it was our imagination and crazy designs appearing in our minds.

I'm not done with my arrogant ramble, okay?!

Two years ago our knowledge about html and css was next to none. Basic stuff like head, body, links, fonts. We've learned a lot through these years, but last 2 months were crazeh! We have not only used the coolest tricks and effects css/html has to offer, but now we fully understand how it all works.

I'm not trying to show off, well maybe a little, and I know that there are more advanced websites. I'm just proud of myself and proud of Gwen (we will get to Jade input in the next paragraph) how we've made it all. How this idea of our guild website has come to life.

The feeling of the progress and gained knowledge is awesome. Let us have this moment of joy in self-improvement.

To show you the progress we've done... click HERE. This was our very first logo-header Jade and I made in 2013.
Now scroll up and hover mouse pointer on the current guild logo-header of our website. See that?!

Okay I'm done. Feel free to drop some hate comment in our shoutbox, because why not? It's internet after all.

What's NEW!?

Whether you are here for the first time, or you visited before, know, that the website has been completely restructured.
This is what we've done:

! - We got rid of drop-down menu, replacing it with simple row of buttons which take you to designated pages.

! - New pages has been created:

- Josie Diaries table of content (which was planned since October 2013!)

- VampyReViews table of content

- Posts Archives (containing all the posts written since 2013)

- About VG (Vampires Guild) table of content

! - Wall Gallery has been remade, updated and nicely scripted with commentaries rolling down on click.

! - Five of the six latest posts on the main website have now "Read More" button, which triggers "roll out" function.
It DOES NOT take you to another page. You can read six latest posts, staying on the main page of the website.

! - New "Social Media" buttons on the left. If you hover and wait a second it will show a short description of our activity in each of social media services.
When you click on the button, it will obviously take you to the one of our channels or profiles of your choice.

! - The Guild Logo glows on hover, showing the four founders of Vampires Guild.

! - New Playlist to listen, as the inseparate feature of every, new version of The Wall. Prepared as always by Gwen. This time the playlist is divided with interludes recorded by Jade and Josie.

! - New Wall (the background) as always showing the current "state" of Vampires Guild.

What else is new? What's new in the future?

We started to stream on Twitch! Jade prepared the visual side of our channel and she streams for majority of the time.
It will change though. Each one of us (Artie, Gwen, Josie, Jade) will stream their own games as soon as we come up with some kind of schedule.

We started new YouTube channel. We publish saved broadcasts of our streams (edited mostly by Gwen).
If you missed one of our streams and you would like to watch it, then go to Vampires Guild Unplugged YouTube Channel

If everything goes well, we will to start doing Giveaway Events! We plan to unlock the Giveaway Events page in october/november.
Can't talk about the details yet, but i'm sure giveaways in ArcheAge will be done on regular basis.

There are couple of visual bugs on the website/pages which we are aware of. Those will be fixed within couple weeks.
VampGaming Shows page will be also added in a week or two.

There is more I could write about, but I will leave it for the next post.

Enjoy your staying on our website, and for those of you who are here for the first time, WELCOME to Vampires Guild!


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